Our Company
Based in beautiful San Diego in sunny southern California, Cello Therapeutics, Inc. was founded  in April 2016 by Professor Liangfang Zhang from the University of California, San Diego. Building on the technology developed in Prof. Zhang's lab at UCSD , Cello aims to develop novel cell membrane-coated nanoparticle formulations for cancer treatment. These nanoparticles promise safer and more effective drug delivery compared with traditional chemotherapeutics. By turning to nature for design cues, we take advantage of an innovative biomimetic nanoparticle platform via cloaking synthetic nanoparticles with cellular membranes extracted directly from red blood cells (RBCs). Upon RBC membrane coating, the nanoparticles are equipped with the complex protein composition naturally found on the RBC membrane. This membrane cloak bestows upon the nanoparticles the ability to evade the body's immune system and circulate in the bloodstream for extended periods of time, thereby improving the potential for delivery of a drug payload.

"These are exciting times in nanomedicine. [These] biomimetic nanoparticles mark a new frontier, providing a glimpse into the future of the field."

Omid C. Farokhzad, Nature 2015, 526, 47-48 (News and Views)