1. Dr. Jie Zhang
    Dr. Jie Zhang
    CEO. MIT PhD. 22 years of industry experiences
  2. Ms. Melanie Book
    Ms. Melanie Book
    Office Manager
  3. Dr. Brian Luk
    Dr. Brian Luk
    Senior Scientist. Stanford BS, UCSD PhD
  4. Dr. Kristofer Haushalter
    Dr. Kristofer Haushalter
    Sr. Scientist of Bioanalytical Studies. UCSD PhD. UCSD Postdoc
  1. Dr. Alborz Amirsadeghi
    Dr. Alborz Amirsadeghi
    Senior Scientist. LSU PhD.
  2. Ethel DeTeresa
    Ethel DeTeresa
    Sr. Analytical Chemist. 15 years of industry experiences
  3. Mark Previti
    Mark Previti
    Sr. Analytical Chemist. 16 years of industry experiences
  4. Dr. Baharak Bahmani
    Dr. Baharak Bahmani
    Group Leader of Preclinical Pharmacology. UCR PhD. Harvard Postdoc