Our Product

Cello Therapeutics, Inc. develops nanoparticle drugs (~100 nm) for cancer treatment. Our technology takes advantage of the properties of natural cellular membranes as a stealth coating for nanoparticles. Coated with natural red blood cell membranes, our nanoparticles are comprised of a bio-degradable and biocompatible polymer core and are loaded with cancer treatment drugs. Disguised as red blood cells to the body, our membrane-coated nanoparticles are immune-compatible and possess an advantageous safety profile, which leads to effective cancer treatment with low adverse toxicity.

Our nanoformulations load potent chemotherapies that are often widely used and highly effective drugs for the treatment of solid tumors. When administered on their own, however, these drugs are typically either highly toxic with severe side effects on the body, or are ineffectual due to poor pharmacokinetics or bioavailability. Preclinical research studies and animal testing have shown that our nanoparticle formulations can successfully deliver a range of therapeutic modalities to solid tumors while minimizing the associated toxic side effects, making our technology a safe and effective choice for cancer treatment.