Cello takes advantage of cutting-edge technology to develop a cellular nanoparticle (CNP) platform for cancer drug delivery.

Chemotherapy drugs, immunostimulatory agents, gene therapy agents, and mRNA hold great potential for the treatment of cancer. However, their direct administration often results in suboptimal pharmacokinetics, vulnerability to biodegradation, compromised targeting, and strong side effects. Encapsulation into biocompatible nanoparticles has become an emerging strategy for improving the drug or agent delivery. Such approaches can address many of the challenges facing current treatment modalities by endowing additional protection and significantly elevating the bioavailability of the encapsulated payloads. To further improve the delivery efficiency and subsequent efficacy associated with current nanoscale approaches, Cello employs biomimetic materials such as human cell membranes to coat nanoparticles and create delivery platforms with enhanced functionalities.

Cello Therapeutics Technology
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